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I’ve been at Northern Michigan University for about three months now and my favorite class is definatly EN111. I don’t mean to be brown-nosing but I really enjoy the material that we have been covering so far. The most interesting information that we have covered in my opinion was the subject of writing with distinction. It really helped me feel more comfortable with my writing, because I always used to feel like I was just typing to type. The chapter in Sin Boldy said not just to write your paper, but really let you paper write with you. You can really see in our Persuasion paper that we wrote, that I am really beggining to write with distiction by using better words and understanding the material more thorougly.


The owner and creator of the hit telivision show, “Family Guy” has just signed a 500 million dollar contract with FOX for one year of creating new family guy episodes. This makes Seth MacFarlen the highest paid cartoon producer of all time. Believe it or not he is now actually beating the simpsons by a landslide in viewer turnouts. Personally this is my favorite show, so I am more than happy that the guy that makes me laugh every sunday night has more money than the president.


1.) Google

2.) Ebay

3.) Facebook

4.) Burton

5.) Dogpile

6.) CNN

7.) Comedy Central

8.) Addictinggames

9.) WordPress (hah)

10.) NMU’s homepage


These are a list of the web sites that I like the most. I visit these sites all the time because web sites have been stapled into to my life. The internet is like a father to me. hah


1.) Chewing with your mouth open..

2.) Yelling

3.) Crying when your happy

4.) Anchovies on Pizza

5.) Ski Patrol Yelling

6.) Home Work not Being finished

7.) Girls arguing with other girls

8.) Airplane Food

9.) Subway lettuce

10.) Race Car Fans

Although some of my pete peves may offend other people, I am very serious about them. These things make me upset so please don’t do them around me. I’m just kidding, but seriouly racing is boring.


Whether you wanted Barrack to win the election of 08 or not, there is still a good vibe that has just recently been set for Americans. People around the world are now looking at America in a new and more promising way. If we can elect an African American President, then maybe we are really the worlds first real democracy. It’s a funny thing that it’s taken this long to actually penetrate through the thick sculls of our worlds leaders but finally it’s happening. Not since Kennedy has our nation really been so optimistic for the hopes and dreams of our rapidly changing face of America.


1.) Cats and Dogs

2.) Beer and Hard Liqour

3.) Men and Women

4.) Different Football Teams

5.) Race Equality

6.) Presidential Elections

7.) Attractiveness of Women

8.) Smoking and not Smoking

9.) Studying

10.) The War in Iraq


Througout history there has always been a rivalry amongst cat lovers and dog lovers. People will defend their opinion of which type of animal, whether k-9 or feline, that they like better. I myself, am a dog lover. A dogs personality are always unique and easy to love. They demand affection and attention bringing you closer day in and day out. One of my first childhood memories that I can recall was my old dog Abby chasing me through the yard trying to lick the peanut butter that was smeared on my face. I’ll bet nobody has any memories like that as a child with their cat. Please prove me wrong.


I’ve always wondered what life would be like when I’m older. Now that I’m closely approaching the age where I might meet the girl to spend the rest of my life with me, I deserve to be picky. All of the nonsense of highschool relationships payed their toll on me, but it was for the best. I would like a girl that isn’t afraid to tell me what she thinks. Whether it’s good or bad, I’m the kind of guy who just likes talk. I believe that communication is the key to all relationships. Another must for my ideal girl would be spontinuity. I hate when things are predictable so this girl would have to always suprise me. Lastly my ideal girl would have to be a good hugger. I don’t know what it is but I can’t stand whimpy hugs.


To many people, like myself, there is really nothing better then the feeling of the chair lift hitting the back of your legs as you lift up for the first time of the season. Recently I’ve heard alot of people debating whether snowboarding and skiing is more fun. I personally believe that snowboarding is way better because it offers so much more than a liesurly trip down the hill. Snowboarding can give you a feeling of being one with the mountain, and the air. This is my opinion and I stick to it.

Abbr. GB. One billion dollars. An insane amount of money
Starbucks earned 77 Gigabucks last year.
Gigabucks seems like a made up word. Well i’m not gonna lie, I think it is but that’s not the point. I found this word on Urban Dictionary and I really don’t think anybody really says this. I wouldn’t mind having gigabucks, if they were real.